Just 2 Words is a word guessing game, where there are 2 pics / images, and each images represent one of the two words answer. This app id developed by Adveractive, also a David L. Hoyt’s sensational new game. David L. Hoyt is the most syndicated daily game creator in the world. His most famous games include Jumble, Word Roundup, Pat Sajak’s Lucky Letters, Word Winder, and many more. His games appear in 750 newspapers, including USA Today, Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times. You can play Just 2 Words on iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android Devices.

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If you need some help on the game, here are Just 2 Words Answers For Level 1 – Level 20:

Just 2 Words Level 1: FAR OUT

Just 2 Words Level 2: BANANA SPLIT - Hint: Think dessert. Think yummy dessert made with ice cream and syrup. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of desserts and sweets, but even I wouldn’t turn down one of these.

Just 2 Words Level 3: PIGGY BANK – Hint: The Jumble puzzle maker in me wants to clue it this way: “If trout and salmon had money, they would keep it in a ____ _____.” If you don’t like my “punny” clue, then: “Flowing waterway’s edge.”

Just 2 Words Level 4: WITCH DOCTOR – Hint: You’re looking for someone who attempts to cure sickness and to exorcise evil spirits by the use of magic. I wonder if Samantha Stephens would see one when she was ill?

Just 2 Words Level 5: PLAIN PIZZA – Hint: This puzzle uses a “play on words.” What’s seen in the first photo is spelled differently than its answer, but it sounds the same so it makes sense. Here’s a clue: “It’s topped with just cheese.”

Just 2 Words Level 6: BACK UP – Hint: You are sitting in your car ready to go to work. It’s time to go. Your garage is in front of you and the street is behind you. You need to ____ ____.

Just 2 Words Level 7: LAMB CHOP – Hint: In the photo on the left, look at what the girl is holding. In the photo on the right, look at what the girl is doing. If you combine these two things, you end up wih something served at a restaurant.

Just 2 Words Level 8: PEARL HARBOR – Hint: I went to Hawaii with my wife Claire in 2008. We went to the Big Island and stayed in Kona. Had we wanted to visit the answer to this puzzle, we would have needed to go to the island of Oahu.

Just 2 Words Level 9: TREE BARK – Hint: The answer rhymes with “knee hark.” Wait…That’s just a silly clue. The answer is actually something you can see in the left photo. We could have gone with one photo, but I loved the dog photo!

Just 2 Words Level 10: ROAD WARRIOR – Hint: ”The ____ ____” was one of my favorite movies when I was a teenager. This movie starred Mel Gibson and was a sequel to “Mad Max.”

Just 2 Words Level 11: EYE EXAM – Hint: I’m not a huge fan of going to the optometrist, but it’s actually time for me to go again. It’s time for me to get an ____ ____. I’m also planning to talk to the doctor about LASIK surgery.

Just 2 Words Level 12: STRIKE GOLD – Hint: Here’s some help to solve this puzzle…Assume that all those pins get knocked down in the top photo and look at the woman’s jewelry and what it’s made of in the bottom photo.

Just 2 Words Level 13: BE QUIET - You are reading a book in a library. It’s very quiet and you are very relaxed. All of a sudden the person next to you starts talking on the phone. You want this person to ____ ____.

Just 2 Words Level 14: TIME TRAVEL – Hint: This is actually one of my favorite subjects within the science fiction genre. H.G. Wells wrote about this and it’s featured in movies like “The Terminator” and “Back to the Future.”

Just 2 Words Level 15: PARTY ANIMAL – Hint: This is what you would call a very social person who likes to go to and has a lot of fun at social gatherings. This type of person is usually fun but might sometimes be “too much fun.”

Just 2 Words Level 16: ARCTIC OCEAN – Hint: You’re in Barrow, Alaska. Not sure what you’re doing there, but you want to go swimming. You may have to cut through the ice, but if you wanted to, you could swim in the ____ ____.

Just 2 Words Level 17: FILTHY RICH – Hint: If you are outrageously wealthy, then you could be called this. Here’s an extra “punny” clue like I would use in Jumble: “The owner of the washing machine company was this.”

Just 2 Words Level 18: CRY WOLF – Hint: You’ll be able to figure this out if you get what type of animal this is. It’s a canine that when spelled backwards creates a word that means “stream movement.”

Just 2 Words Level 19: BASEBALL DIAMOND – Hint: This is something you can see at Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium. I grew up in Connecticut and wanted to pitch for the Boston Red Sox one day. I’d better just stick to making puzzles.

Just 2 Words Level 20: HUMAN NATURE – Hint: I consider this to be a pretty tough puzzle, so I’m not surprised that you’re now asking me for a little help. Clue: “This dictates your behavior as a person; Common qualities to all people.”

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