Hi Guess Who is a trivia app made by Cam Max. You can play Hi Guess Who on Android Devices and iOS Devices like iPhone, iPad and iTouch. If you need any helps on the game, we have the solutions for you.

Here are Hi Guess Who Answers for Level 3:

Hi Guess Who #41: ADAM SANDLER – Man, brown hair, holding blue remote control

Hi Guess Who #42: ALLAN POE - Man, black hair, black mustache, has crow on his left shoulder

Hi Guess Who #43: BELL - Old fashioned Telephone

Hi Guess Who #44: BOB MARLEY – Man, half red half yellow face

Hi Guess Who #45: BRUCE WILLIS – Bald man on brown background

Hi Guess Who #46: CASTRO – Old man with green military uniform

Hi Guess Who #47: CHUCK NORRIS – Man with brown hair, mustache, beard, blue shirt, holding guns, purple background

Hi Guess Who #48: DARWIN - Evolution from monkey to man

Hi Guess Who #49: DAVID BECKHAM – Man, Soccer player, soccer ball

Hi Guess Who #50: DAVID BOWIE – Man, brown hair, has red thunder on face

Hi Guess Who #51: GADDAFI – Man with black hair, mustache, beard, white shirt, black hat, brown background

Hi Guess Who #52: HEMINGWAY – Man with white hair, mustache, beard, green sweater

Hi Guess Who #53: ISAAC NEWTON – Apple drop from a tree

Hi Guess Who #54: LAGERFELD - Man with long white hair, facing to the left, wears black eyeglasses / sunglasses, black suit, white shirt, black background

Hi Guess Who #55: MAO – Man with Black hair, gray shirt, red background

Hi Guess Who #56: MARILYN MANSON - Man, white face, black lips

Hi Guess Who #57: MAYER – Woman on yahoo background

Hi Guess Who #58: MESSI - Man, Soccer player, has number 10 on his shirt

Hi Guess Who #59: MICHAEL JORDAN – Brown Man, basketball player, white shirt, Bulls 23

Hi Guess Who #60: ROGER FEDERER – Man, Tennis Player, Blue shirt, green background

Hi Guess Who #61: RONALD REAGAN – Man with black hair, black suit, white shirt, red tie, red and white background

Hi Guess Who #62: SALVADOR DALI – Tree with a carpet hung on it, brown background

Hi Guess Who #63: SHAQ – Brown man, basketball player, purple shirt with no 34.

Hi Guess Who #64: STALIN – Man with black hair, black mustache, wears green army uniform, white background

Hi Guess Who #65: STALLONE – Man, long black hair, blue bandana, about to take an arrow.

Hi Guess Who #66: THATCHER – Woman, brown hair, blue shirt / dress, on British Flag background

Hi Guess Who #67: TOM CRUISE – Man wearing brown hooded jacket / shirt.

Hi Guess Who #68: USAIN BOLT - Brown man, sports man, yellow shirt, green short pants, right hand holding orange shoe

Hi Guess Who #69: YELTSIN – Old man, white hair, black suit, raising his right arm

Hi Guess Who #70: ZUCKERBERG – Facebook like logo

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